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Relief Efforts for Puerto Rico: “It’s all about the children”

We hear about the devastation, we see the images coming over the television, and we think, I want to help, how can I help?

You can donate to a very specific local humanitarian relief effort. Our children deserve a home, having food, clothing, going to school, playing, receiving health care and lots of love. With your donations you are contributing to the safety, health and wellness of these children who so desperately need our help.

The Mission of The Hogar (Home) in Mayaguez:

Provide services of shelter, food, transportation, health, education, recreation, social and psychological assistance, to children victims of abuse, from newborn to eleven years, referred by the Department of the Family.

The Vision of The Hogar (Home) in Mayaguez:

Provide a safe place, full of care and love, so that all the children and the people who work for their well-being feel like a real family.

Under the current circumstances post Hurricane Maria, the mission and the vision have been impaired significantly and we need your help.

Please donate to this humanitarian relief effort, we are helping rebuild destruction to an orphanage in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Due to the devastation of Hurricane Maria, these children are in need of many supplies such as clothes, water straws and food. In the long term, we are helping to rebuild their playground which was destroyed, please see images below.

We can’t share their beautiful faces with you for safety and privacy reasons, and not all of the children who reside at the orphanage are in these photographs.

Please visit https://hogarjesusdenazaret.org/es/ for validity and credibility of our local community relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

We need donations to buy supplies, water straws, clothes, wellness kits and in the long term, donations for rebuilding their playground. We will post pictures when items have successfully arrived at the orphanage so you may see firsthand where your donations are being put to good use.

Please donate today on this very local level to a specific humanitarian effort for the orphanage in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico.

Visit www.loveyourlifecoastal.com & www.time4teens.org for more information or to learn how you can get involved, attend our Rincon Relief Retreat in March 2018 or to become a sponsor.

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